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Oct 23, 2012 7:00pm EDT
approach. and put the united states in a position to be competitive and make the investments we need to make. this notion of government not making investments, if government did not create the railroads, we never would have linked the east part of the united states to the western part and unleashed the greatest economic boom in the history of world. >> we'll have to unleash a few commercials. there is much more to come in our conversation between the candidates from district six u.s. house of representatives seat. we'll talk about some of the state's important ballot questions, including the controversial same-sex marriage law. so stay with us. >>> welcome back to our conversation. we reached out to our facebook friends this week to find out what is important to them. and we picked up questions. and linda anderson that is marriage equality is on the ballot. do you support it? >> marriage has been a term for centuries now that has been applied to the union between a man and a woman. i think it needs to stay there. i do, however, believe that your job includes your health care and pens
Oct 15, 2012 7:00pm EDT
that were set by carnival in the united states are completely inadequate and that the real changes that need to be made are to be made in these standards in the united states. >> if the judge does order a trial for schettino, it probably won't start before the end of the year. >>> we saw sprinkles earlier and you may have been in a part of town nassau heavy rain. topper will tell us -- that saw heavy rain. topper will tell us if it's moved out or on the way. >> plus a mackdown of hulk hogan. who is he suing after a sex tape of him with a woman is leaked? >>> hulk hogan would probably like to drop kick the folks behind a sex tape that he's in. for now he'll have to settle for a courtroom cross chop. today hogan filed a lawsuit against the florida dee-jay and his ex-wife. he said dee-jay bubba clem and heather clem secretly taped him having sex with heather. hogan filed a separate lawsuit against the internet top of site gawker for publishing clips of -- internet gossip site gawker for publishing clips of the tape. >>> this time michaele salahi and journey man guitarist are engaged and getting
Oct 18, 2012 7:00pm EDT
in the united states. >> a man behind bars tonight accused of trying to bomb the federal reserve building in new york city. that's after agents said they caught the 21-year-old student trying to set up a terror cell online. he was arrested yesterday after trying to detonate the fake explosives. >>> another dramatic gay in a courtroom of prince george ice county with two police officers accused of solving the university of maryland's student taking the stand for their own defense. >> reporter: with the second of two police officers accused of assaulting the maryland student testifying today in his own defense. responding to questions asked by his attorney. the officer said that he was initially concerned by john mckenna's bizarre behavior. at the university of maryland -- the university of maryland student walked down the street waving his arm. during the rocket's celebration of maryland's victory over duke on march 3, 20 so. officer harrisson said that he began hitting him with his baton after seeing him punch baker in the head with a clinched fist, containing what officer harrison claimed he th
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
in the united states now at least 40. many of those victims killed by falling trees. more than 8 million people are without power up and down the east coast. experts say sandy could end up costing $20 billion in damage with billions more expected in lost business. metro is running on a limited schedule tonight. full service resumes tomorrow. d.c. area airports are back up and running, but make sure to check with the individual airline before leaving, and the federal government, most local governments and schools say they will open at the regular time tomorrow. think of old town alexandria or georgetown when we talk about the storm surge and the flooding. in fact we have a crew watching high tide in old town right now. >> they are also playing very close attention to the river up in frederick. that's where our ryan dean is live monitoring the flooding there. ryan? >> reporter: good evening to you. actually a trail that goes down to the river, this trail has been cut off because the river has spilled out of its bank. to give you an idea. those trees down there, the river is supposed to be ten fe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4